3rd Game Night Has a Mascot

This past Saturday we had another great game night for Mutation Wars. Seventeen people took part and we had our two youngest players to date — Mason and Easton who are nine and ten years old.

Mutation Wars Game Night

I spent some time — maybe a bit too much — making a 3D representation of a simple creature. My favorite yellow body with a green claw, a red eye and some blue tentacles. We are looking for help naming this little guy and would appreciate any suggestions. Go to our Facebook or Instagram pages if you have any good ideas!

Mutation Wars Mascot

The creature hovered over our five-person game for the night and kept his eye on the great spread of snacks. I think he might also have been watching to see if Matt was cheating (hehe)!

Mutation Wars Game Night

Thanks to everyone for coming and playing Mutation Wars. There were a lot of great comments, questions and ideas and I have already decided that I might change the rules yet again — this time to speed up the game right from the beginning.

Mutation Wars Game Night

Thanks to: Larry, Amanda, Mason, Easton, Dennis, Rhonda, Matt, Blair, Vincent, Jason, Dawn, Sean, Alison, Jenn and Tex.