About the game

Mutation Wars is a volatile (turbulent, inconstant, unpredictable) card game where every turn can change the dynamic.

Simple to learn and play for 2 to 5 players from ages 7 – 99. Playtime is dependent on the number of players — about 1/2 hour per player — as well as experience — the more you play the game, the quicker you CAN play. There are a lot of different cards to use and understand!

2 — 5

7 — 99

1 — 3 hrs

Mutation Wars

"A perfect way to spend time with friends in a light-hearted creature-building card game. Easy to learn rules and logical gameplay overlay a surprisingly rich layer of strategic depth."


Mutation Wars

The game

In Mutation Wars you and your opponents are competing to be the first to develop a creature that can rule the ocean depths!

All players begin with a tiny creature — one body (tile) and must build it up as the game is played. To do this, each turn all players receive new cards from three different decks. The cards are used in different phases of the turn. A turn plays as follows:

  1. Cards are dealt to all players — one each from the Body Part, Mutate and Battle card decks
  2. Build Phase — players can use their Body Part cards to add a body part to their creature or purchase a new body (tile) with Body Part cards
  3. Mutate Phase — players can use their Mutate cards to change their creature, change their opponent's creatures or affect all creatures for the current turn
  4. Battle Phase — players can attack other creatures in an attempt to steal their Mutate and Battle cards; players can use their Battle cards to help them increase their stats and thus their possibility of winning
  5. Cleanup Phase — players can exchange three Mutate cards or three Battle cards for one Body Part card

The game is won when a player succeeds in having a winning creature survive until the end of a turn. A winning creature requires four bodies (tiles) and six body parts (cards attached to the tiles) and must also have a color-matching body part on each of the external bodies. Should multiple players create a winning creature in the same turn and have them survive to the end of the turn, whoever built it first is the winner.

Figure 1 | Winning creature of a standard game

Mutation Wars

Figure 2 | Winning creature of an extended game

Mutation Wars

Mutation Wars