About the game

Mutation Wars is a volatile (turbulent, inconstant, unpredictable) card game where every turn can change the dynamic.

Simple to learn and play for 2 to 5 players from ages 9 – 99. Playtime is dependent on the number of players — about 1/2 hour per player — as well as experience — the more you play the game, the quicker you CAN play. There are a lot of different cards to use and understand!

2 — 5

9 — 99

1 — 3 hrs

Mutation Wars

"A perfect way to spend time with friends in a light-hearted creature-building card game. Easy to learn rules and logical gameplay overlay a surprisingly rich layer of strategic depth."


The game

In Mutation Wars, you and your opponents are competing to be the first to create a complete creature with four bodies and six body parts. Each of the external bodies must color-match a body part attached to it. This may seem easier than it looks as you and your opponents continuously mutate your creatures and battle for cards.

Figure 1 | Winning creature of a standard game

Mutation Wars

Figure 2 | Winning creature of an extended game

Mutation Wars

The rules

To peruse the rules you can download a copy here.

Mutation Wars