The gambling edition

I really wasn’t happy with how the game was progressing. I just couldn’t figure out how to alter the seemingly “stairway of advancement” that all of the players followed. By round three all of the players had two bodies, round four all of them had three bodies and so on. Everything was too equal, too boring!

If I couldn’t fix the problem perhaps I could change the game to make it more exciting in a different way. Maybe I could add betting to the game… Don’t most people like gambling and betting on (or against) yourself?

This would require adding some randomness to the battles though. The only way I could think to do that would be with a dice. I really didn’t want to make Mutation Wars a dice game but, what they hey.

I invited over some people to test the new game and we might have had a few too many bottles of wine/beer before starting to play. Perhaps it was because the rules weren’t thought out enough or they weren’t explained well enough or we had too many beverages. In any case it was a phenomenal flop! And so ended the Mutation Wars – Gambling Edition.