The epiphany

It was during a run that I figured out how to solve the two fundamental flaws in the game.

I like to eat and drink and I don’t have the best metabolism, so to make sure that I can continue to do both of those and stay relatively healthy I run a lot. About 4 km (2.5 miles) per day is about right for me and only takes about 30 minutes (with some stretching). I do a lot of thinking on these runs and have come up with lots of what I think are good ideas.

In this case it was a definite game changer – pun intended! By adding a few cards and changing one rule I solved both of the main problems – the lack of up-and-down play and players getting stuck.

I was very excited to try the new rules and called some friends to set up a game. It went better than I could have expected and the player with the weakest creature for most of the game actually ended up winning. Perfect!