Let’s paint

As I mentioned before, my wife is an amazing artist and graphic designer. She installed Corel Painter on my computer and lent me her drawing tablet. After a quick tutorial I was on my way. It took over 100 hours for me to complete the art for the game. Good lord, I had no idea that it would take that long!

I am a bit of a perfectionist for many things and this did not help hurry things along. I also didn’t know much about Corel Painter and after using it for about 10 hours I found a different technique that I liked. This required me to go back and redo all of the art I had done up to that point. Unfortunately this happened three more times and there are some pieces of art that I worked on five times (the yellow claw is one)!

Though I did almost all of the art myself, I must thank my wife for supplying invaluable experience in Photoshop and setting up the files for print. This would surely have taken me another 100 hours and I don’t think that Mutation Wars would have survived.