The first edition

With the idea for a card game fresh in my mind I went to work making the game. I found a bunch of empty cereal boxes and leftover cover stock (from my wife) which I cut into card-sized pieces and triangle bodies. It took about two days of cutting, drawing and brainstorming before the first edition of the game was ready.

Though I am a computer programmer now, my first university degree is a Major in Zoology (chosen by default as it fit the requirements to graduate). I took almost every type of class offered – paleontology, anthropology, genetics, Egyptian hieroglyphics, calculus, economics, medieval European history – to mention just a few. It is a great degree for playing Trivial Pursuit but I never thought I’d use it much, until now. In the development of Mutation Wars I referenced a bit of my zoology degree!

I played by myself (as four players) and after a few turns I had to adjust some of the statistics and rules. I’m not exactly sure how the game will end yet. There is a flexible ending but I don’t love it.

I also find that players are all advancing in the same steps and there is very little up-and-down play — where the person in last place can quickly jump to first and vice versa. This is what I want and something needs to change.